Thanks to amazing technology called CEREC, Oklin Dental’s Pembroke Pines dental office is able to provide single-visit dental restoration in many cases.

With CEREC and the computer-assisted technologies it involves, Okon Dental can make an indirect ceramic dental restoration quickly and efficiently while the patient waits. This allows a tooth or teeth to be restore in one office visit rather than over the course of multiple visits as is required when molds must be sent to outside labs.

Taking advantage of three-dimensional photography as well as computer-aided drafting and manufacturing, Oklin Dental offers single-visit crowns, inlays, veneers and other restorative dental pieces made from special ceramics appropriate for each application.

In fact, the materials used in the CEREC process are much more like natural teeth than metal crowns and perform better in the mouth. Hot and cold foods cause the same expansion and contraction to these ceramic materials as to natural teeth, making the restorations more durable and less likely to interfere with each other.

In addition, since the ceramics are bonded chemically to the patient’s natural tooth, these high-tech restorations allow a great deal of the natural tooth to be saved.

Patients whose teeth are restored with single-visit restorations made with CEREC usually end up with stronger teeth than they had before their visit to Oklin Dental’s office and stronger teeth than if they had chosen traditional crowns.


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Patient Testimonials

“I have been a patient of your office for 25 years.  When you joined the practice I transferred over to you and have been very pleased with the way in which you have taken care of me.  Particularly, in our discussions of what would be the best treatment for my ‘aging teeth!‘
“Thank you for you concern and always giving us the time to evaluate the next best thing.“
Judy Brostoff