The dental professionals at our office take pride in offering a complete array of general dentistry services. Whether a patient needs implant restorations, fillings or simply a routine cleaning, our office is ready to meet every need.

Patients can be sure that their needs will be handled efficiently and professionally, no matter who they are. Children and seniors get the same level of care and professionalism that adults expect from their dental professionals.

There is nothing more important to overall health than a dental checkup at the office of a dentist skilled in general dentistry.

During a checkup, a dental professional cleans and polishes the teeth, and then one of our Doctors performs a complete oral examination. During the exam, we check the overall health of the mouth and looks for specific issues with gums, teeth, cheeks and the tongue. We also perform an oral cancer screening aimed at helping to locate and correct serious problems before they become catastrophic.

We also check every patient for signs that old restoration work is failing. The cracks, chips and wear caused by grinding, clenching and everyday use of the teeth can damage both natural teeth and restoration work, leading to additional problems that may need correcting.

Whatever the general dentistry need and no matter the cause, Oklin Dental can help.


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Patient Testimonials

“I have been a patient of your office for 25 years.  When you joined the practice I transferred over to you and have been very pleased with the way in which you have taken care of me.  Particularly, in our discussions of what would be the best treatment for my ‘aging teeth!‘
“Thank you for you concern and always giving us the time to evaluate the next best thing.“
Judy Brostoff